What’s Wrong with Corny?


Corny as it might sound, Legacy Letters are a form of love letter. What better time to write one than for Valentine’s Day? I’m not saying a letter has to replace chocolates, although a Legacy Letter is fat and calorie free. I’m not saying a letter has to replace flowers, although a letter can equal and sometimes exceed the beauty of flowers in its own way. I am not even saying a Legacy Letter can replace jewelry, although a Legacy Letter can be more valuable than jewelry in its unique way.

What I am saying is that Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for you to write a Legacy Letter to someone you love. When was the last time you told your loved one what impact he or she has had on your life; why this person is not only special to you, but to many friends and relatives or what hopes or blessings you want to bestow on this irreplaceable person? Just answer one or all three of these questions and voila, just like that, you’ll have written your heartfelt Legacy Letter for Valentine’s Day. After you finish your letter, you will notice how good you will  feel  because you gave yourself a Valentine’s Day gift also.  What’s so corny about that?

  1. Test comment 1/19/14

  2. It worked!