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Making Sure Nothing is Left Unsaid

What would it mean to you to have discovered a letter tucked away in an attic written specifically to you from a deceased loved one? What would it mean to you if you could hear his or her voice again, to hear his or her laugh again?

Have you ever wished that you could have known more about a deceased family member such as his or her stories about your ancestors, your family’s heritage? Perhaps you wanted answers to some questions, or you just needed to know that this person loved you.

You can make sure that nothing is left unsaid by giving him or her a gift certificate for Legacy Letter writing services, a Priceless Conversation recording or a Legacy Letter writing workshop, class or retreat.

A Gift From You or From Your Organization A Treasured Gift for Someone Who Has It All!

A Legacy Letter makes wonderful thank you or holiday gifts, a value-added service to attract people to your business or mission, and a more meaningful tribute gift to someone special in your organization or community. Companies can give gift certificates to highly valued employees and stakeholders; a more meaningful gift of appreciation than a certificate or a plaque. You choose if you want to give a gift certificate for an attractive book, beautiful letter and specially designed envelope, Priceless Conversation recording, or registration fees for a workshop, class or retreat.

The task of writing a Legacy Letter on your own can be intimidating. People often procrastinate
for many reasons. Giving a gift certificate for Legacy Letter writing services or for a workshop helps people expedite the process, makes it less intimidating, and more fun and rewarding. However, the most important benefit of a gift certificate is that the Legacy Letter is completed, beautifully written and given to that special person in your life.

Spread the Love, Share the Cost

A gift certificate can come from you or from you in conjunction with other relatives such as a sibling(s), a spouse, or cousins. This year give a gift that will truly last a lifetime and will span generations as a unique piece of personal history. Allow that special relative to share his or her journey and life lessons. Give this meaningful gift for posterity that is truly from the heart. Don’t forget to give a Legacy Letter certificate to that other special person in your life, too – YOU!.

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