Do you want to offer or attend a Legacy Letter training that can transform your personal and professional life?

Presentations are generally one hour. Workshops range from two hours to a weekend retreat. Classes and writing circles range from one and a half to two hours per week.

Goals and outcomes will depend on the length of the event. For example, participants can complete an outline and begin a draft of their Legacy Letter at a one-day training session or actually complete a Legacy Letter draft at a weekend retreat.

How Much Does it Cost?

The workshop was way above excellent. You are a great teacher and presenter and a very memorable woman. Thank-you for sharing your heart.

– Marne Taylor

The Legacy Letter Writing Workshop was a potpourri of ideas, and in-depth information on how to write and present a Legacy Letter. There was far more information and help in writing a Legacy Letter than I could ever imagine.

– Joan Bearder

Leah Dobkin conducted a wonderful, inspiring and productive workshop. The feedback I received from the participants was great; they really felt that they left with something very valuable.

-Maggie Lausten
Aesthetic Wellness Coordinator
Small Stones Wellness Center, Froedtert Hospital

The workshop felt like ten minutes long. Three hours- No way! So fast, so fun, so important!

– Cadie Loungan
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Workshop Descriptions

Available workshops include:

  • Writing the Most Important Letter of Your Life.
  • Legacy Tools for Building Your Law or Financial Practice.
  • The Philanthropic Power of Legacy Letters.

Do you crave a life‐affirming, profoundly spiritual and satisfying experience?

Would you like to learn how to write a healing Legacy Letter your family will
treasure forever?

Everyone has an authentic voice and unique stories. Now you can find your voice and
write your stories. A Legacy Letter translates your personal and family stories and
values into wisdom that can inform and transform the younger and future generations.
This retreat provides the tools, tips and support you need to write your own Legacy Letter.
This process will help you discover and reclaim the legacies of your ancestors, clarify your
values, give purpose to your life, communicate your stories, and translate your experiences
into wisdom and blessings for those you love. Reflecting, clarifying and documenting a
legacy is an important part of a life well lived — a gift to ourselves today, and to those
who come after us. Come join us and begin harvesting your legacy.

No writing experience necessary!

This workshop will:

  • Describe the scope of a Legacy Letter.
  • Uncover the ancient roots of Legacy Letters.
  • Learn why, when and how to write a Legacy Letter.
  • Identify benefits and obstacles to writing a Legacy Letter and tips to overcome them
  • Review sample outlines and letters.
  • Complete writing exercises and memory prompts so that you can begin to create your
  • personalized outline, the first step in the process of writing your Legacy Letter.
  • Develop content for your Legacy Letter.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone who loves someone, is loved by someone and has a heartbeat.

Please Note: Legacy Letter Writing Workshops can focus on a particular type of Legacy Letter such as a:

  • Tribute Legacy Letter
  • Honoring Your Angel Legacy Letter
  • “Home is Where the Heart Is” Legacy Letter
  • Heirloom Legacy Letter or
  • Business Legacy Letter.

Legacy Tools for Building Your Law or Financial Practice

Do you want to create better, faster, less expensive estate and gift plans that are more reflective of your clients’ needs and wishes?

Do you want these plans to be better understood, and executed correctly by your client’s heirs?
A growing cadre of estate and elder lawyers and financial planners use Legacy Letters and other legacy planning tools as a powerful relationship-building, marketing and client-retention tool. They have found that legacy planning tools can drive efficiency by helping clients gain clarity and insight into their needs. Legacy building entails interviewing clients about their values, wishes, family stories, life experiences, and lessons learned, and then weaving this information into legal documents, a Legacy Letter or Book. audio and video recordings can also be produced for the client’s family.
This workshop will address how to capture and transfer your client’s family traditions and values to their heirs. Offering legacy services may well become a new standard for lawyers and financial advisors. Attend Legacy Tools for Building Your Law and Financial Practice, and see how using these services can fundamentally change your work, adding an additional dimension to the typical will and estate planning practice.

Who Should Attend?
Estate and Financial Planners and Advisers; Estate, Elder and Family Lawyers; Accountants; Business and Law Students and Interns

The Workshop Will:

  • Describe how a Legacy Letter and other legacy planning tools are generated, and what information it contains.
  • Explain the difference between traditional estate planning, and legacy wealth planning.
  • Explore options for including Legacy Letters and other legacy planning tools into your practice.
  • Complete writing exercises and memory prompts so that you can begin to create your own personalized Legacy Letter and help your employees, board members and clients write theirs.

The Philanthropic Power of Legacy Letters

Do you want to discover how to create …

  • a more meaningful thank you gift for supporters and volunteers?
  • a value-added gift to attract new donors and upgrade existing donors?
  • a memorable tribute-gift to someone special in your organization or community?

Gifts of appreciation, such as plaques and dinners, do not guarantee additional and sustained giving from your donors. However, helping donors write Legacy Letters can promote a sustainable fundraising program by building stronger donor connections and enhance multigenerational giving. Legacy Letters are a fundamentally powerful, but unfamiliar tool for fundraisers and volunteer leaders in educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and community foundations. Leah Dobkin will introduce you to the many applications and profound benefits achieved by incorporating Legacy Letters into donor cultivation, recognition and stewardship activities.

Who Should Attend?
Professional Fundraisers, Planned-Giving Officer, Foundation Officers, Executive Directors, CEO’s, and those involved in development and marketing. Also, human resource professionals involved in training and education; as well as board members, volunteers and alumni staff.

This workshop will help you:

  • Understand the various legacy planning tools, and how to use them.
  • Determine which tools are a good fit for your organization.
  • Create a thoughtful process to connect with and show appreciation to your board members, volunteers and donors.
  • Identify resources to implement legacy planning campaigns in your organization.
  • Overcome obstacles to a successful legacy planning campaign.

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