Specialty Legacy Letters


In addition to the traditional Legacy Letter, Leah Dobkin offers a variety of specialty Legacy Letters designed to enhance special circumstances and relationships in your life. You can select a letter as a meaningful gift to a loved one, or to use in your professional practice or business. You can choose an attractive hard or soft cover book or a beautiful printed letter on archival stationery with a specially designed envelope or portfolio.

Tribute Legacy Letter

Tribute Legacy Letters are generally written by a younger person to his or her elder such as a parent, grandparent, teacher, mentor, board member or donor. A Tribute Legacy Letter is a wonderful expression of your deep appreciation, admiration and respect to someone you value. It shares what legacy you received from that person. Organizations can create mentoring campaigns using Tribute Legacy Letters.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Home Is Where the Heart Is includes stories and photographs of a person’s or couple’s family home and helps that person capture all his or her fondest memories and create a meaningful ritual to say good-bye before the person or couple moves away from the beloved home forever.

The Heirloom Legacy Letter

The Heirloom Legacy Letter compiles photos and stories of all the precious items a person wants to give away to loved ones. It includes the history of each item, why it is important to you, and what you would like to happen to it.  All these irreplaceable important stories and memories are kept together in one place.

Honoring Your Angel Tribute Legacy Letter

Honoring Your Angel Tribute Legacy Letter captures the treasured stories, memories and unique qualities of your deceased child, grandchild, sibling, spouse or other loved one or friend to ensure she or he will always be remembered.

Business Legacy Letters

A Business Legacy Letter– Businesses owners can capture and pass along inspiring stories about how they started and built their business, overcame difficulties and ultimately became successful. A Business Legacy Letter shares insights and encouragement to successors, beneficiaries, and young entrepreneurs, and ensures the legacy you want is the legacy you give. A company’s business leaders or retired or retiring employees can also create Legacy Letters.

Priceless Conversations

A Priceless Conversation is a face-to-face interview, recorded onto an attractive CD with a leather case and a gift box that is also passed down and enjoyed by a person’s family and their descendants. There are 30 topics to choose from including Philanthropy-narrating the purpose, passion and experiences behind your generosity, The Meaning of Money-Using wealth wisely, Alma Mater-How school impacted your life, and Pets-How a pet has touched your life.


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