Powerful Documentary Filmed in Stuart about Preserving Family Stories and Wisdom

Picture1Sunshine Johnson (seated) and Documentarian, Tyler Council (far right) and director of photography, Alex Destefino, from Froze-N-Time Production (far left)

 Hobe Sound resident Sunshine Johnson has a starring role in a new documentary titled, “The Most Cherished Gift.” The film documents the personal journey of local students as they complete a Legacy Letter writing class conducted by Leah Dobkin, professional journalist, gerontologist and founder of LegacyLetter.org. “My sister, Lucy Corley from the United way, and I took the course together and loved the process of writing our hopes, blessings and values. The course really was life-changing for both of us,” said Johnson who wrote a Legacy Letter, sometimes referred to as “ethical will,” to her other sister as birthday gift and is currently writing a Legacy Letter for her children. “I have a new confidence that will enable me to craft and better share my personal stories and life lessons to my children. I encourage everyone to write legacy letters to their children and grandchildren,” she added. The film will be released in the Fall of 2016 by the digital filmmaking company Froze-In-Time.

A legacy letter is a poignant way to translate personal and family stories and values into life lessons and wisdom that can inform and transform the younger and future generations. An updated 3,500 year-old biblical tradition, a legacy letter can express a person’s hopes, blessings, explanations, forgiveness and gratitude. It can provide a healing and comforting effect on the people writing and receiving the letter.

“Humans have, for millennia, sought to know that they made a difference in this world, that they were understood and will be remembered. In ancient times, this quest was often honored by creating letters; not the final will and testament we are all familiar with, but some far more personal and profound,” says Leah Dobkin, freelance writer, author and founder of www.legacyletter.org.

Tyler Council, the documentarian, founded Froze-N-Time, a digital filmmaking and video production company, producing award-winning feature films, short films, music videos, documentaries, T.V. pilots & seasons, commercials, & live events. “I was inspired to do the documentary because my grandfather attended one of Leah Dobkin’s legacy letter writing classes, hosted by Harbour’s Edge, a retirement community in Delray Beach,” says Council.

Leah Dobkin, offers writing service and classes that helps people, or their loved ones, craft a letter, memoir, oral history or business history – all with the goal of preserving and sharing precious stories and wisdom.

Leah Dobkin works with many different businesses, retirement communities, religious organizations, healthcare providers, educational institutions, nonprofits, foundations and clubs. Organizations and businesses commission letters or books and sponsor her legacy letter writing workshops, classes and retreats. Her next speaking engagement in Stuart is sponsored by Habitat for Humanity on April 27 10 -2 PM. A follow-up legacy letter writing workshop will be held on May 4 from 10AM to 2PM. You can get more information by contacting Tricia Jenkins at 2239940 ext 228
If you would like more information or to set up an interview, please contact Leah Dobkin at (414) 238-1577, email her at leah@legacyletter.org or look around the website to get inspired.


legacyletter.org founder and professional writer and personal historian, Leah Dobkin (far left), legacy letter writing student, Sunshine Johnson (middle) and Documentarian, Tyler Council (far right)