Mother With Adult Daughter In Park TogetherMy mother just received the results of her PET scan. Did the radiation treatment she got in September work or not?
She is 83, and I am happy to say yes, the radiation did its job. Does she know how relieved I am? Does she know how much I still need her, even though I am 58 years old and a grandmother to boot? Maybe.
But, just in case she doesn’t, guess what my mother is getting for Mother’s Day. Perfume? Flowers? More stuff? Heck no! My mother is getting a tribute legacy letter and if you haven’t written yours, now is the time to begin.

Start Writing Your Legacy Letter Today
So, let me help with some suggested sample questions you can answer. You can incorporate your answers into your letter. That’s how easy it is to develop content for your tribute legacy letter to your mother.
If you write a tribute legacy letter to your mother, consider letting me know her reaction or sharing your letter with others here on the blog. Your letters and the questions you asked your mother can give others invaluable guidance in accomplishing this important task. Please click here if you want to see legacy letter examples.
Below are 10 sample questions. Next month, I will give you ten more sample questions, so you can write your father a tribute legacy letter too, just in time for Father’s Day. Don’t you think he has enough ties?
Sample Tribute Legacy Letter Questions about Your Mother
• What are your two or three favorite memories of your mother?
• What are the two or three things you most admire or appreciate about her?
• What do you consider are her most significant achievements and accomplishments? Why?
• What are some of the difficulties or challenges she faced in her life? How did she handle these? What did you learn from her about overcoming obstacles?
• Can you recall a choice or decision you made based on a value or principle taught to you by your mother?
• What trait(s) of your mother do you most wish to emulate? Why? Can you share a story or two that helps illustrate these traits?
• What talent or skill does your mother have you would like to develop? Why?
• What life lesson (s) did your mother impart to you that were most useful? In what way?
• Was there a crisis in your life that your mother helped you overcome? How?
• What are profound ways your mother helped you, or someone you love?
Even if your parents have passed, perhaps you have someone else special in your life that awakens the best in you. Write them a tribute legacy letter.
If you would like some help with writing a legacy letter, please get in touch with me. Otherwise, I hope that the questions listed here inspire you to write a legacy letter for your mom or someone else special in your life.
If you started to write a legacy letter for your mom today, what would be the major themes that you would focus on? What do you appreciate most about your mom? Please join the conversation in the comments below.
Leah Dobkin is a freelance writer, author and has contributed to Kiplinger’s Retirement Report, AARP and other regional, national and international magazines and websites. She is the Founder of Legacies Letters. Her passion is to strengthen the ties between generations by collecting people’s stories and transferring their wisdom. She offers ghostwriting services and workshops to help people, or their loved ones, craft a legacy letter, memoir or business history book. To learn more about legacy letters go to, email Leah at or call her at 414 238-1577.