Fern’s diamond brooch was brought back from Europe before the turn of the 19th century. It was given to Fern’s great grandmother on her 50thbirthday by her husband, who, in turn, gave it to Fern’s grandmother, mother and her.  Now at 90, it is her turn to pass the brooch onto her daughter, but this time, a legacy letter book of the history of the diamond brooch and information about the strong women in her family accompany the brooch. Fern attended Leah’s legacy letter classes and wrote this letter.  She hired Leah to edit, design and print her book with 100-plus of her favorite photos.   Fern’s book is an example of an heirloom legacy letter, which compiles photos and stories of a precious item(s) that a person wants to give away to loved ones. It includes the history of each item, why it is important to each of them, and what they would like to happen to it.