Six-year-old Michael lost his father to Pancreatic Cancer.  His mother, Melissa originally called me to help her husband, John, write a legacy letter book for his son, but he passed before he could begin the project.  Melissa asked if I would create an “Honor Your Angel Legacy Letter” about John for his son Michael. She sent me the contact information for 24 of their closest relatives, friends and colleagues.  Participants in this project were scattered throughout the United States.   I proceeded to interview and record these precious phone conversations, and ghostwrote their heartfelt letters about John.  Each person had a chance to review and edit their letter before the book was printed.  Each person had an additional opportunity to reflect, grieve, and share unique perspectives on Michael’s dad. Melissa gave her son his dad’s tribute book on the first Father’s Day he did not have his dad.  His mom knows he will treasure this book forever.