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Welcome to Legacy Letters, I’m glad you came to visit.

This website is your gateway to a life-affirming and deeply satisfying experience. An updated 3,500 year-old tradition, a Legacy Letter is a loving document or book you share with family that translates your personal and family stories and values into life lessons and wisdom that can inform and transform the younger and future generations. You can also create a Tribute Legacy Letter, explaining what legacy you received from someone, and many other specialty Legacy Letters suitable for special occasions and circumstances.

Professional writer, and gerontologist Leah Dobkin provides a new twist on biography writing services to help you, a loved one or someone special in your organization or company, write and share a Legacy Letter. Legacy Letters provides an opportunity to not only give an amazing gift, but to foster stronger relationships with the special people in your life. TODAY, you can make your life more meaningful and gain more clarity. This website will explain how.

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Business History Services

Do you want to strengthen your business in a novel and a deeply satisfying way, while preserving your business legacy?

A Business Legacy Book shares inspiring stories about how you started your business, overcame difficulties and ultimately became successful. Professional writer, Leah Dobkin, collects stories from you, your employees, consumers, family and colleagues.  Then she creates an attractive Legacy Book that documents how you created value for customers, clients, employees, as well as the community-at-large.  The Legacy Book becomes a family heirloom gift, enjoyed for generations.  It can also be showcased as a coffee table book at your place of business, or used for other marketing purposes.

Your Legacy Book will:

  • Differentiate your business and strengthen your brand in a unique way.  
  • Increase customer loyalty, referrals and employee retention.
  • Provide valuable insights, life lessons, and encouragement to heirs and young entrepreneurs.
  • Articulate your impact on clients and customers.
  • Give context for your business’s milestones, and tell its history in an authentic, accurate and engaging way.

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Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying:

Doris Heiser Testimonial
I am so pleased that I did this and I don’t think I ever would have done it without Leah making it so easy. Leah is such a good listener and questioner that I very much enjoyed the interview sessions, and all the time I spent with her on the project. I LOVE my Legacy Letter!
- Doris Heiser
Dave and Marge Hamacher Testimonial
Leah Dobkin is a gifted writer. She interviewed my four adult children. The beautifully crafted letters reflected on memories from their childhood, lessons from their lives and thoughts that they wanted us to know. The Legacy Letters are a treasure to my wife and I.
- Dave and Marge Hamacher
Dr. David L. Brown Heiser Testimonial
Leah’s approach to getting a life-time of experiences into a readable format is remarkable. Best part of my experience is I know Leah listened well and captured the important events and concepts. Our family and my grandchildren are the beneficiaries of her skill.
- Dr. David L. Brown
David C. Wolfson Testimonial
Leah is conscientious, professional and an individual of great compassion. Creating a Legacy Letter with Leah's guidance and stewardship is something that nonprofits ought to!
- David C. Wolfson
Chief Development Officer
The Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research
Legacy Letters Make Great Gifts!

He has too many ties. She has enough perfume to fill a kiddy pool. We all have enough electronics! So what do you get your mother or father, grandparent, special friend, mentor or colleague who says, "I don't need anything." "I have too much stuff." "Please don't get me a gift."?

A gift certificate for writing services or for a workshop to help that special person craft a Legacy Letter will become a very treasured gift. Tell that loved one that documenting his or her life stories are important to you and your family.

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Need an Inspiring and Entertaining Speaker?

Leah Dobkin offers Legacy Letter Writing Presentations, Workshops, Classes and Retreats. They can be offered in person, at a location of your choosing or online.

Events are sponsored by a diverse group of organizations — both for profit and nonprofit. Presentations and trainings are carefully designed to meet the needs of a variety of sponsors. Contact Leah Dobkin to set up a time to discuss what type of event you would like to sponsor.

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View Sample Legacy Letters and Books.

Would you like to page through sample Legacy Letter Books? Each book, in fact each page is designed to carefully reflect your life story. You can choose from five different sizes and a variety of cover options and unique backgrounds. Make your Legacy Letter Book, unique with your own title and special photos and covers from premium leather and cloth options to your favorite photo on a hard cover.

Would you like to read a few sample Legacy Letters to get inspired? There are special envelops and portfolios to enhance your Legacy Letter gift.

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Meet Leah Dobkin

One of Leah Dobkin’s favorite quotes by Joseph Pulitzer. “Put it to them briefly, so they will read it; clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely, so they will remember it, and above all accurately, so they will be guided by its light.”. She has aimed for these objectives ever since she published her first work in fifth grade. Also as a preteen, she knew she wanted to work with older adults, and viewed them as a critical untapped resource for society. She has forty-plus years working with elders and their adult children and has pioneered innovative programs to help older adults maintain their independence and engagement.

A trip to Costa Rica steered her into an encore writing career. She has contributed to Kiplinger’s Retirement Report, AARP, Milwaukee Magazine and other regional, national and international magazines and websites. She is the author of the book Soul of a Port: The History and Evolution of the Port Of Milwaukee (click here for

Ms. Dobkin is a national public speaker and inspiring and entertaining workshop leader. As consultant for the National Council on Aging (NCOA), Ms. Dobkin helped nonprofit organizations generate new income streams and strengthen their missions. Ms. Dobkin also worked on family caregiving issues, corporate eldercare, and was AARP’s Senior Housing Specialist in Washington D.C.

She is the Founder and CEO of Legacies Letters. Her passion is to strengthen the ties between generations by collecting people’s stories and transferring their wisdom. She received her master’s in gerontology and nonprofit management at Columbia University. Leah Dobkin currently resides in Wisconsin; was born in New York City, but dearly loves her handmade log cabin surrounded by whispering pine trees and a peaceful lake in Wisconsin.

Leah's Signature

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In Leah Dobkin’s blog series, Wisdom of the Sages: Leah offers best practices, tips, and resources to help you create your very best and most beautiful Legacy Letter. Leah has experienced an unexpected, but delightful outcome from writing peoples’ Legacy Letters- her clients’ and student’s valuable life lessons. In her blog, she shares these pearls of wisdom to help you gain more clarity, meaning and happiness in your life. There is a little sage in all of us. I hope you share your insights in my Wisdom of the Sages Blog.

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